PaveCo Asphalt Paving & Construction

The ‘Go To’ Experts For
Asphalt Overlays, Repairs, Striping And Seal Coating In Texas

We Are Skilled & Reliable Paving &  Asphalt Experts

We specialize in the Asphalt Service. In fact, we are a full service asphalt paving contractor. Our main specialization is in roadway repairs, paving, patching, overlays, parking lots, driveways, seal coat, striping and site preparation. In fact, give us a job that involves asphalt and we will be more than happy To give you a free quote!
There’s little if anything that 3 decades of working in the paving industry we haven’t done.  We’ve installed everything from concrete bollards to car stops.  We have the experience and know how to take on and complete even the most complex projects.  PaveCo remains a valued choice, known for job quality, efficiency and dependability.  You can be confident that when you choose PaveCo, We Deliver!

All of our jobs are carefully evaluated and planned to ensure that we carry out the work with the minimum possible effect on your daily business, or even in your tenants lives.


Types Of Paving Clients We’ve Served?

We provide services in Houston and throughout Texas.
We are located in the Houston, however we can dispatch a full crew anywhere in Texas. In the past we have helped retail stores, apartment complexes, condominiums, homeowners associations, churches, fitness centers, private and public schools, restaurants and many, many more.



Texas Asphalt & Paving Pros 

We are known throughout the industry for only hiring knowledgeable and experienced paving contractors providing them continued education to ensure that their skill set evolve with technology. Ensuring that they are well able to operate the latest equipment and understand how to apply the highest quality materials using techniques that help improve safety while maximizing time and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

We arrive on the job with the latest technology and equipment in tow to ensure that all of the projects that we complete are completed to budget and the time scales that and within the time schedules that have been set for us.

With our huge amount of experience in paving, tar and chip, asphalt repair and other sorts of work with asphalt, we know that we are able to both accept and complete your job on-time and right. Whether you are a commercial, residential or even an industrial client. At PaveCo the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We are fully insured for your peace of mind. We are the best choice, no matter how large or small your project is.

PaveCo is lead by experienced project managers who are dedicated to insuring that every crew provides the highest quality work, service and logistics on every job, everyday.

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