Sealcoating in Houston Texs

Why Sealcoat

You should protect your pavement investment by using a Sealcoat– particularly if your pavement has actually started to show signs of degeneration. The best time to use sealcoating on a road is when degeneration is first found; hence conserving pricey patching or repaving. Sealcoating shields and maintains the life of your asphalt and must generally be reapplied every 3-5 years depending upon wear and tear and your local climate. PaveCo Asphalt, Paving & Construction of Houston has experienced paving employees and the latest tools to renew your parking lots.

Signs You Need Sealcoating:

  • Small cracks appearing
  • Surface is wearing off revealing rock
  • Sand- like deposits collecting in your parking lot’s corners
  • Asphalt is fading to grey


Advantages of Sealcoating:

  • Sealcoating extends the life asphalt
  • Helps pavement hold its aggregate and oil
  • Reduces wear from water and UV rays
  • Makes your parking lot look new

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